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Karoline Schulz

I was born in Kiel and currently live in Hamburg, Germany. My interest in languages awoke when I did an exchange year in Chile during school and learnt Spanish. After school, I first went to Hildesheim to study International Communication and Translation with Spanish and English. I finished with a Bachelor’s degree in 2012. In 2008/2009, I spent this program’s required semester abroad in Porto, Portugal and extended my stay to a year. At the University of Porto, I was able to continue my translation studies in Spanish and English and additionally learn Portuguese. During my Bachelor studies, I had already completed my first translation orders as a freelancer. Due to my fascination with Romance languages, I added a master’s in Romance linguistics in Hamburg with Spanish and Portuguese and graduated in 2014. I stayed in Hamburg and after a 6-month internship at the chocolate and nature conservation company Original Beans (now a loyal customer), I set up my own translation business.